Advertising with Distributech offers you many benefits, including:

Targeted Marketing and Demographics

DistribuTech partners with the nation’s top chains to offer you customized advertising display programs with the best consumer reach.

Repetitive High Traffic Exposure

DistribuTech displays are placed in key locations like the entrance and exit doors to provide prime visibility and high volume foot traffic.

Premium Product Placement

DistribuTech rack displays can be seen by tens of thousands of local consumers each week and the millions of people who visit grocery stores every year.*

Cost Effective Advertising

DistribuTech’s display advertising is often more cost effective and efficient than TV, radio, newspaper, phone directory and billboard advertising.

Barrier to Entry Eliminated

DistribuTech breaks down the barriers to position your business, brand and/or product in the nation’s top retailers.

Proven Distribution

DistribuTech has over 20 years of distribution experience.

*Source: Visitor demographics are averages based on third party research conducted on national stores.